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Posted in Thoughts with tags , on July 17, 2008 by bilogboy

Yah it’s been a while already and I know it. Just been busy with others things and can barely check on my blog anymore. Guess it’s true what they say, no matter how well you try to balance your time you just can’t really attend to anything. Needless to say I know that it is true, it’s the same as making a sin even if you try not to make one, etc.

Life really has many uncertainties, many trials, it’s hard to be alone in this life and it’s a good thing we have our family and our friends to back us up everytime we need a boost or the like. There maybe different levels in their importance but who cares and does it really matter? For me leveling to such relationships does not happen, when I treat you as a friend or what, you really are one to me so don’t give me any crap about it. It just frustrates me that there are times that you will be ask to do something just so that your bond will be proven, just so that they know that you really treat them like that. And no matter how honest you become, how sincere and how you give everything (though it maybe not that much that’s all you can get), you are still being doubted.

Though I know levels can’t really be denied that should not be a bearing of any relationship. Let me just put it this way, in my life I’ve met a lot and make friends with more. Some stick and some disappears yet they are all never forgotten. Only a few really stands out among all of them and you know who you guys are. I know I have my shortcomings and all but I know you guys can understand (???), there maybe times that you cant understand me anymore but this is still me, the same me that you always know. Also try to think about the things that you are doing as well, it may not be just me that changed but so are you, so evaluate things more. If our friendship is true there’s nothing to worry about. Guess I am saying this to all my friends out there. Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are my best, my BFF, just a friend, someone that I just shared a hi with, or a future friend perhaps, this is me, this is me on my general view in friendship, take it or leave it (just tell me if you will go okay??? lol). Until next time again…keep smiling…