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Haaaaaayyyyy…..(haba, lol)…just a few more days and it will happen again. How time flies, I barely recognize that its been this long already, glad that after all this year I still recognize myself, yes its still me, nothing really changed much about me, Im still me. Emo mode again??? Not really, this is just something to that I think I am doing, a reflection of some sort.

I remember back then when all I have to think about is to just go to school, just be present no pressure, excel or not no one really care as long as I stay in class and just do my part as a student. But this thought never really stayed that long throughout the 15 years of education. Early primary level then that I realized that my coming to school is not just a job for me, it also has a toll to my family. They are the ones that help me prepare my things, my allowance, help me out with things etc. and seeing them do all those things then made me appreciate them (even if im not that vocal about it), my family, even if I don’t have the conventional type.

Many things happened since then, (many things will still happen of course), I was able to meet people that eventually became part of my life, in a small or a big way, people that will be treasured in my life forever. There are a lot of ups and downs, a roller coaster ride, but im still here, still continuing to strive to be someone, still fighting the good fight. Until when? I don’t really know, but I know I wont go down that easy and without a good fight.

But on top of everything, I guess there is just one way to go, forward. I am not getting any younger and by the looks of things I need to really make out my plans in life to start the walk (run) as early as now (hope im not yet late, I guess not). As a line in a movie I recently seen says, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why its called present”, its true that today is the most important thing since it is “today” but I guess I just got interested in the study of the future, may it be fortune telling or what (lol) I think its time for me to take things up a notch and unravel the mystery.



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I know its late pero gs2 ko pa rin sabihin…..

Happy Birthday to you Nanay….love you…miss ka na naming lahat (sob)…watch over us always….


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Yah it’s been a while already and I know it. Just been busy with others things and can barely check on my blog anymore. Guess it’s true what they say, no matter how well you try to balance your time you just can’t really attend to anything. Needless to say I know that it is true, it’s the same as making a sin even if you try not to make one, etc.

Life really has many uncertainties, many trials, it’s hard to be alone in this life and it’s a good thing we have our family and our friends to back us up everytime we need a boost or the like. There maybe different levels in their importance but who cares and does it really matter? For me leveling to such relationships does not happen, when I treat you as a friend or what, you really are one to me so don’t give me any crap about it. It just frustrates me that there are times that you will be ask to do something just so that your bond will be proven, just so that they know that you really treat them like that. And no matter how honest you become, how sincere and how you give everything (though it maybe not that much that’s all you can get), you are still being doubted.

Though I know levels can’t really be denied that should not be a bearing of any relationship. Let me just put it this way, in my life I’ve met a lot and make friends with more. Some stick and some disappears yet they are all never forgotten. Only a few really stands out among all of them and you know who you guys are. I know I have my shortcomings and all but I know you guys can understand (???), there maybe times that you cant understand me anymore but this is still me, the same me that you always know. Also try to think about the things that you are doing as well, it may not be just me that changed but so are you, so evaluate things more. If our friendship is true there’s nothing to worry about. Guess I am saying this to all my friends out there. Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are my best, my BFF, just a friend, someone that I just shared a hi with, or a future friend perhaps, this is me, this is me on my general view in friendship, take it or leave it (just tell me if you will go okay??? lol). Until next time again…keep smiling…


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I have free time again so let me write about the trip I had last weekend in Tagaytay. Kathy my best friend, since college, is about to go abroad that is why we decided to have time to bond again before she leaves. And so with our significant others we packed our bags and head off to Tagaytay City.

The plan was just an overnight stay, we met up on the station late Saturday afternoon. After about almost 2 hours on the van we arrived at our destination. Weather was a little rainy then so we decided to stay in our inn for a couple of hours before having dinner, time to rest as well after the tiring ride. Good thing the rain is not that hard and we manage to have dinner on this resto where the serving is basically good for 10 (lol).

Anyway I just don’t want to tell all the bits and pieces about that trip on this entry, not that I don’t but I guess it is just a little irrelevant anyway. What I just want to tell is that at least I had a day away from the city. A time to relax and just be free, just enjoying the time as it passes.

I figured that I take things clearer now than before, it’s not because of this trip when I realized, I just want to say it now. Things do change and perhaps we are not just aware of them when they happen but eventually we will learn to recognize it.

Nevertheless the trip was fun and just happened on the right time. I missed Kathy for the longest time and it’s a good thing that we bonded again. As if it was just yesterday when I first met her and look at her now. She truly is one of a kind. I am happy for her especially now that she has someone that makes her smile again after everything that she’s been through. I know that even with the distance our friendship will always be there, still growing every time.

I am thinking of another city get away but with more friends to be with this time. Just need to do the proper planning and thinking for this. It’s nice to be with friends that you cherish and love once in a while away from all the hassle and stress of the city. Till my next entry…..


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Let me apologize for not being able to blog for the past few days, just took a rest, a very necessary rest (I’ll blog abut it some other time). To all my avid readers, I am back (as if).

Exactly 5 years ago was my first day at Link2suport. My first job after college, my job until now, my eve beloved company (wahhhhh!!!). From a handful of trainees, batch 66 is now only left with 4 surviving agents. So hard to continue on this without being nostalgic about it. I wonder where are our other batch mates, hope you guys are all okay and I just want you to know that I miss you all, the laughter that we shared then and all the time together. Hope that everything that we dream of comes true. If not as long as we are happy….hehehehe….so wasted na me. I’ll try to change my blogging time since it compromises my sleep….till next time fans….(lol)

Happy 5th anniversary BATCH-66…………….

One more…

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Another day, another adventure. Kind of getting used to the changes around me. Still a lot of adjustments, a lot of hardships to face but it are still manageable thanks to the help of the people around me that never fails to give their support, directly or indirectly.

You heard (read) me right. Even if I seem so jolly and outspoken and talkative outside, I am very secretive. Seldom only knows what is really happening in my life. Seldom knows who the real me is. And even to those who I trust most opening up is really just a hard thing for me. It’s just not me to bother them of my worries, I intend to fixed things by my own unless help is really necessary. So far everything is okay, I am doing my part and at times I seek the hands of those who I know can help, and I thank them for always being there.

Still a lot of fragments floating inside, can’t really think of a solid argument for myself to focus on. Probably I really need a good vacation to rest and unwind. But until that time comes, I will still take things as they are and do the best for whatever situation comes.

Are you?

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When is it best to be strong? I will say all the time, don’t let your guard down some may say and that is true if you know what I mean. But nevertheless reality bites and we can’t just always have our guards up. There will always be a time when we are vulnerable and just so down by letting the enemies get into us.

We can easily imply to ourselves a state of mind that we want to be in but it’s not that easy to comply with, you feel inside will still surface no matter what. Unless of course you mastered the art of masking what your heart really feels, it’s not that easy to do but still hard.

There are no guarantees at all. We can strive for the truth for all we care and all but how can we tell that what we have is what we are looking for? Probably just be content with what we have and know right? But still a part of us will never really be content with it. Faith could help but it really is up to you what path you should take and what ideas to believe and adopt.

Many things to consider and a lot more questions to think about, just live everyday to the best we can. Do things we know are right and don’t let other get into your nerves (lol). I know not making that much sense but you will soon figure it out. Till next time…..