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Posted in Family, Quotes, Random, Thoughts, Work on August 10, 2009 by bilogboy


It’s been a while since my last post and now I’m back.

I don’t know what happened why I lost track of my thought the past few months. But I guess that is just normal considering the life I live in…lol…I don’t even know why I’m writing now, perhaps just to relax since this is one way that I truly express myself..

This entry may come into several parts….well I’m starting to take this seriously again so here I go….

There are many changes happening around me. I know it always does but there are just things that I can’t just ignore just like that. The biggest will be the way our work is. For the longest time in working at the same company as a tech support this is the biggest challenge. Everyone is really trying their best  (believe me we all are regardless of the performance, being at the office is one sacrifice we do else we have no more jobs left)to meet all the targets. It may not seem enough that we do but jeez cut us some slack, we have our own lives other than just work. Well I don’t want to expound on this anymore since this all should be in another post dedicated to it some other time. Let me just say that those who resigned already will surely be missed, SUPPORTRIX won’t be the same without you guys.

Hmm…whatelse….too hard to keep the thought intact while chatting and downloading and doing facebook and all…lol… well aside from changes, many lessons were learned already. To the most basic addition to the complexity of calculus , not all may matter but all will be needed for us to come up with a solution to basically reach the answer for what the missing variable is in situation (is this me? Doesn’t make sense…lol).

Ill just end this with this for now…expect more thoughts to come in the coming days….i need this…till then….god bless us all

(Doesn’t make sense? Tell me what’s on your mind…what are you waiting for reply to this…lol..thanks)