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letter from the editor

Posted in 1 on September 29, 2008 by bilogboy

Dear you,

It’s been a while since we talked…..many things happened already. Sorry for not keeping you updated with everything, the thing is I’m trying to keep everything to myself as far as I can. I don’t want to burden you with everything you know. But here I am again, talking to you now, at least just to share all this thoughts with you.

Everything is still not that okay but it still just means that it will be better soon. I’m trying to hold on to everything as hard as I can because I know letting go will just lead to worst things for everything.

Well, I want to expound on things further but the words just passed out of my head, just like that….I’ll try to get a hold of it again soon for me to tell it to you again….thanks for being here to record all these feelings… until then