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Quote 001

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I’m thinking of posting quotes from the text messages that I normally send out to my friends here as well, so that even if I remove them on my phone, it will still be treasured here, on my little space on the web.

“Love is not always like a fairytale. There are people who give so much love to those who don’t love them back. There are some who feel so loved and find out in the end that they were fooled. There are some who’s into mutual love but can’t call their partner as their own because someone already holds the title. There are some who gives so much love but the other won’t believe because they always consider your past. There are some who receive so much love but can’t seem to move on from previous relationship. Or others just want to play the game and choose their playmate.”



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“We get by with a smile…”, that is what I remember about a song from a famous band way back then. But I know that I always smile even way before that song has been released. It has always been my mask, my shelter and my cover. But for how long can a smile really help me get by?

A smile nevertheless is engraved on my face any time of the day. Seldom has it been that you would see me not wearing one. People say that even when I sing, no matter what type of song, my smile is still there, haunting me lolz.

Its true smile lifts one’s spirit. Whenever I am troubled and when I smile its gives out a light feeling in my chest and I know that everything will be fine. But now even my biggest smile can’t even give me assurance anymore. Is it just me or its just that things are all been up a notch higher now, everything seems to step up to the next level or so.

I still get by with a smile, but it will take more that my million dollars worth smile to win everything that life would bring. I know it’s not enough to just flash my teeth out-front but at least I have an unlimited ammo of that still helping me to get by one step at a time.