Haaaaaayyyyy…..(haba, lol)…just a few more days and it will happen again. How time flies, I barely recognize that its been this long already, glad that after all this year I still recognize myself, yes its still me, nothing really changed much about me, Im still me. Emo mode again??? Not really, this is just something to that I think I am doing, a reflection of some sort.

I remember back then when all I have to think about is to just go to school, just be present no pressure, excel or not no one really care as long as I stay in class and just do my part as a student. But this thought never really stayed that long throughout the 15 years of education. Early primary level then that I realized that my coming to school is not just a job for me, it also has a toll to my family. They are the ones that help me prepare my things, my allowance, help me out with things etc. and seeing them do all those things then made me appreciate them (even if im not that vocal about it), my family, even if I don’t have the conventional type.

Many things happened since then, (many things will still happen of course), I was able to meet people that eventually became part of my life, in a small or a big way, people that will be treasured in my life forever. There are a lot of ups and downs, a roller coaster ride, but im still here, still continuing to strive to be someone, still fighting the good fight. Until when? I don’t really know, but I know I wont go down that easy and without a good fight.

But on top of everything, I guess there is just one way to go, forward. I am not getting any younger and by the looks of things I need to really make out my plans in life to start the walk (run) as early as now (hope im not yet late, I guess not). As a line in a movie I recently seen says, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why its called present”, its true that today is the most important thing since it is “today” but I guess I just got interested in the study of the future, may it be fortune telling or what (lol) I think its time for me to take things up a notch and unravel the mystery.


23 Responses to “Reflect”

  1. advance happy bday, my dear.. haay, miss na kita. uu nga, ndi kana bumabata, kya start to plan na your way here. hehe..

    iloveyou, best..

    saka na ung gift ha..


  2. advance happy birthday, best.. miss you.. uu nga d kana bumabata, u need to plan na your way here.. hehe..

    iloveyou, best..

    mwaah! 🙂

  3. 3 days to go, it’s your birthday… lahat naman tayo tumatanda… hehehehe

  4. advance happy burday!!! tulog ka na ulet…hehehe

  5. kadrama naman nire.. 🙂

  6. advance happy bday! keep on smiling! 🙂

  7. advance happy birthday!

    the only purpose of life in each person is to glorify and please GOD in our temporary life so that we will be prepared to face our Creator and be with Him eternally.

    God bless always.

  8. That’s what self-reflection is all about.. for us to be grateful and appreciate life more.. And ultimately, to be inspired that you can still do more senseful things for the next year and for the years to come 🙂
    Happy Birthday! .. hehe.. remember the keyword “senseful” 🙂

  9. hi vil, adv happy bday … chase ur dreams …. im just hir always … mwah!!!! cu sooon ..

  10. With the right attitude, I know you’ll come a long way. 🙂

    Advance happy birthday! 🙂

  11. Adv. Happy Birthday!! i wish you all the best in life. may you grow more as a person.. remember, if you have problems, never forget you have Him to run to.. and you have your friends and family beside you. stay happy, stay safe, and have faith.. God Bless!

  12. xoxojojo Says:

    Whatever we do today will be our future, be it foreseen or not, there are tons of reasons why things happen no matter how we hard we try to prevent them, they just happen.

    What’s left for us to do is to keep pressing forward in the hope that everything gets better…

    After all, it’s not what we accomplish in life that matters, its what we overcome.

    So far, I see that you’ve been doing a great job at overcoming things. Just don’t worry too much..take good care of the only person that you should be considering above all..

    Happy birthday..


  13. hay naku… ganyan talaga… it is true that as time goes by… we are getting older… the big question is… are we getting wiser? Are we making our mark in this world? if we die are we going to be remembered?

    The gift of life should always be lived… I’m glad you are doing that…

    Well keep living and always stay fabulous cause somewhere somtime … your dreams might come true…

    Happy birthday… (‘0’)

  14. happy birthday tomorrow!!! Enjoy your day!!!

  15. Happy BDAY.

    Kaya as much as possible I’ll chase the things that i want to chase..

    so ikaw, think kung san ka happy… wag mong lolokohin sarili mo or pipilitin na nababagay ka sa isang situation…

    basta chase the things that u want to chase oki…

    Happy bday…

  16. May you never forget what is worth remembering,

    Or remember what is best forgotten.

    Happy Birthday Bilogboy!

  17. Anyways, Im not going to dizz Japoks comments… baka makarating pa ako sa “Pensilvenia”… Just drop by to greet you Happy Birthday… One of my best Agent and friend… I know late kase si phone e ayaw na namang mag ON… hehehe anyways, I hope na napasaya ka ng mga kalalakihan sa Bench Black Out… Cheer Up! Life is good!

  18. orviley!!! happi bday! wish you all the wonderful things in life…

    “I guess there is just one way to go, forward”

    naks naman. ang matured matured ng linya. LOL

  19. ermalyn Says:

    Happy Birthday BILOG … GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  20. hapi bday!

    Musta na Orville? XLinks tayo! =)

  21. Eto rin po… pa-Xlinks?! Thanks!

  22. visiting you today…. xlinks?

  23. Chotzkie Says:

    Belated Happy birthday!

    To be honest, I did forget because I was into a big mess.

    Jepay, Mark, Quindoy and I misses you a lot!

    Hope we could go out next friday. I know it’ll take more than a cup of coffee to catch up.

    We miss you!

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