I have free time again so let me write about the trip I had last weekend in Tagaytay. Kathy my best friend, since college, is about to go abroad that is why we decided to have time to bond again before she leaves. And so with our significant others we packed our bags and head off to Tagaytay City.

The plan was just an overnight stay, we met up on the station late Saturday afternoon. After about almost 2 hours on the van we arrived at our destination. Weather was a little rainy then so we decided to stay in our inn for a couple of hours before having dinner, time to rest as well after the tiring ride. Good thing the rain is not that hard and we manage to have dinner on this resto where the serving is basically good for 10 (lol).

Anyway I just don’t want to tell all the bits and pieces about that trip on this entry, not that I don’t but I guess it is just a little irrelevant anyway. What I just want to tell is that at least I had a day away from the city. A time to relax and just be free, just enjoying the time as it passes.

I figured that I take things clearer now than before, it’s not because of this trip when I realized, I just want to say it now. Things do change and perhaps we are not just aware of them when they happen but eventually we will learn to recognize it.

Nevertheless the trip was fun and just happened on the right time. I missed Kathy for the longest time and it’s a good thing that we bonded again. As if it was just yesterday when I first met her and look at her now. She truly is one of a kind. I am happy for her especially now that she has someone that makes her smile again after everything that she’s been through. I know that even with the distance our friendship will always be there, still growing every time.

I am thinking of another city get away but with more friends to be with this time. Just need to do the proper planning and thinking for this. It’s nice to be with friends that you cherish and love once in a while away from all the hassle and stress of the city. Till my next entry…..


9 Responses to “Away…”

  1. Vincent Says:

    yeah..we’ll sure miss kathy specially in my part but let good things come to her for she’s now about to head to singapore.
    Bestville im sorry if i was not able to be with you in tagaytay. Don’t be sad when Kathy already left, you still have me as 1/2 of your TWO bestfriends ^_^ cheer up! kiotskite!

  2. pa-out-of-town out-of-town na lang.. hehhehe.
    sana may gimmick din MRG 🙂

  3. i love tagaytay… hehehehe

  4. bagay sana kayo ng bestfriend mo.. hehe

  5. u just realized that time flies so fast dear ville. lam naman natin na un move na ginawa ni kathy is for her good sake. at bakit nun ako ang umalis wala ka man lang blog for me,hahaha,joke..lam ko naman na bes mo si kathy and i really understand your sentiments, kng sentiments nga ba?:D

  6. i almost cry when i saw your msg. thanks best. i will definitely miss you! 😦 thanks 2 for putting me in your hectic schedule, spending your weekend with me in tagaytay. hope to see you kung san man ako mapadpad, lilibre kta, hehe.. anyway, since you are planning of another out of town trip, lets have ilocos tour sa pagpablik ko or bora naman tau, hehe.. pleaasee… o sya, ym na lang or email mo ko. txt mo pa din ako ha. heheh.. iloveyou, best.. mwaah!

  7. wow may blog si orville. he he he

  8. Yeah bagay sana kayo…sana makasama din ako sa trip na yan!!! 🙂

  9. Sama mo naman kami orville sa susunod. =) pero libre ha..

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