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Posted in Work with tags , on June 30, 2008 by bilogboy

Let me apologize for not being able to blog for the past few days, just took a rest, a very necessary rest (I’ll blog abut it some other time). To all my avid readers, I am back (as if).

Exactly 5 years ago was my first day at Link2suport. My first job after college, my job until now, my eve beloved company (wahhhhh!!!). From a handful of trainees, batch 66 is now only left with 4 surviving agents. So hard to continue on this without being nostalgic about it. I wonder where are our other batch mates, hope you guys are all okay and I just want you to know that I miss you all, the laughter that we shared then and all the time together. Hope that everything that we dream of comes true. If not as long as we are happy….hehehehe….so wasted na me. I’ll try to change my blogging time since it compromises my sleep….till next time fans….(lol)

Happy 5th anniversary BATCH-66…………….