One more…

Another day, another adventure. Kind of getting used to the changes around me. Still a lot of adjustments, a lot of hardships to face but it are still manageable thanks to the help of the people around me that never fails to give their support, directly or indirectly.

You heard (read) me right. Even if I seem so jolly and outspoken and talkative outside, I am very secretive. Seldom only knows what is really happening in my life. Seldom knows who the real me is. And even to those who I trust most opening up is really just a hard thing for me. It’s just not me to bother them of my worries, I intend to fixed things by my own unless help is really necessary. So far everything is okay, I am doing my part and at times I seek the hands of those who I know can help, and I thank them for always being there.

Still a lot of fragments floating inside, can’t really think of a solid argument for myself to focus on. Probably I really need a good vacation to rest and unwind. But until that time comes, I will still take things as they are and do the best for whatever situation comes.


4 Responses to “One more…”

  1. kaya mo yan, just think everything is a trial. be strong and think positve.

  2. ok lang yan 🙂 everything will be okay… lahat naman tyu may knya knya problema….and lahat ng trials i know kaya mo lagpasan.

    “You learn out of bitter experience, trial and error lang yan . Life teaches you that.” Hakuna Matata my friend…..

  3. xoxojojo Says:

    “Every event has had its cause, and nothing, not the least wind that blows, is accident or causeless. “..In short, everything happens for a reason, what’s supposed to happen will happen… if things don’t go your way, it can be stressful, painful, and hard, but you don’t always have to be in control. You may not understand why things are happening the way they are, but soon enough you’ll know.

    until then..


  4. hello! happy blogging!

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