Nothing new today, I’m still in the state that I am unfamiliar with. A state that I don’t know where it started and why I am in it. Is this the point of having a mid life crisis? Ha I wish I know, it’s just so difficult to always feel that there is something missing, always something that you want but you just can’t figure out what that missing thing is. I hope I will be able to solve this mystery in the near future. More reflection to go, I’ll keep you all posted, good night!


2 Responses to “enigma”

  1. lucienlachance Says:

    To me life is always ‘why’. There is always something missing, and the thought of actually reaching understanding…is almost incomprehensible to me. Why does everyone feel the need to solve it?

    When you don’t know the possibilities are limitless…when you do…suddenly there is no mystery, only disappointment. Things are rarely as good as you imagine them, so why bother? Not knowing why is one of the greatest things, because it means there is always more yet to learn, or even—dare I say it—the eventual realization that some things don’t need to be understood.

  2. i know why you’re like that because you are not contented for who you are… joke lang – honestly i guess tingin ko ganun

    or my times na you would admire something kaya you think that you are like that…

    just love yourself for who you are, just always stick what God wants you to do.. I think God prefer a person with a good heart kung ano ka pa man…

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