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Posted in Work with tags , on June 30, 2008 by bilogboy

Let me apologize for not being able to blog for the past few days, just took a rest, a very necessary rest (I’ll blog abut it some other time). To all my avid readers, I am back (as if).

Exactly 5 years ago was my first day at Link2suport. My first job after college, my job until now, my eve beloved company (wahhhhh!!!). From a handful of trainees, batch 66 is now only left with 4 surviving agents. So hard to continue on this without being nostalgic about it. I wonder where are our other batch mates, hope you guys are all okay and I just want you to know that I miss you all, the laughter that we shared then and all the time together. Hope that everything that we dream of comes true. If not as long as we are happy….hehehehe….so wasted na me. I’ll try to change my blogging time since it compromises my sleep….till next time fans….(lol)

Happy 5th anniversary BATCH-66…………….


One more…

Posted in Thoughts with tags on June 25, 2008 by bilogboy

Another day, another adventure. Kind of getting used to the changes around me. Still a lot of adjustments, a lot of hardships to face but it are still manageable thanks to the help of the people around me that never fails to give their support, directly or indirectly.

You heard (read) me right. Even if I seem so jolly and outspoken and talkative outside, I am very secretive. Seldom only knows what is really happening in my life. Seldom knows who the real me is. And even to those who I trust most opening up is really just a hard thing for me. It’s just not me to bother them of my worries, I intend to fixed things by my own unless help is really necessary. So far everything is okay, I am doing my part and at times I seek the hands of those who I know can help, and I thank them for always being there.

Still a lot of fragments floating inside, can’t really think of a solid argument for myself to focus on. Probably I really need a good vacation to rest and unwind. But until that time comes, I will still take things as they are and do the best for whatever situation comes.

Are you?

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When is it best to be strong? I will say all the time, don’t let your guard down some may say and that is true if you know what I mean. But nevertheless reality bites and we can’t just always have our guards up. There will always be a time when we are vulnerable and just so down by letting the enemies get into us.

We can easily imply to ourselves a state of mind that we want to be in but it’s not that easy to comply with, you feel inside will still surface no matter what. Unless of course you mastered the art of masking what your heart really feels, it’s not that easy to do but still hard.

There are no guarantees at all. We can strive for the truth for all we care and all but how can we tell that what we have is what we are looking for? Probably just be content with what we have and know right? But still a part of us will never really be content with it. Faith could help but it really is up to you what path you should take and what ideas to believe and adopt.

Many things to consider and a lot more questions to think about, just live everyday to the best we can. Do things we know are right and don’t let other get into your nerves (lol). I know not making that much sense but you will soon figure it out. Till next time…..


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Nothing new today, I’m still in the state that I am unfamiliar with. A state that I don’t know where it started and why I am in it. Is this the point of having a mid life crisis? Ha I wish I know, it’s just so difficult to always feel that there is something missing, always something that you want but you just can’t figure out what that missing thing is. I hope I will be able to solve this mystery in the near future. More reflection to go, I’ll keep you all posted, good night!

Wet, wet, wet

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Hmmmmm….what can I say? A lazy Sunday today, signal number 3 here in the metro together with nearby towns. A little cold, strong winds and heavy rains, that best describes the weather outside when you look outside the window. Power just got back now, after a 10 minute time out, now I’m blogging, nothing to do much this type of day.

It is a good thing I have this past time again when I can just be myself and just doze off writing things that most often than not are simply just nonsense (lol). Well this is better than going out on this type of weather anyway.

It’s good that it’s raining now that I am just at home, it’s always best to be at your stronghold when thunder and lightning are around. Hopefully the storm will be out of the area tomorrow because it sucks to go to your first day of work soaking wet and cold. I hope this new week will be better than the last.

What I like most with this weather is that it always gets me to the thinking mode, reflection basically, just thinking about things in general. Nothing much going on to my mind now anyway but still it is just good to tap into your inner self at times. Time to recharge myself in a way and prepare again for the surprises of life. Till next time, I am off to watch narnia now to pass time…..



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Zzzzzzz……..OMG I am still up. Need to rest, I must rest. Yesterday was tiring, not that much though compared with other days. I just hope to have at least a day without any worries at all, a hassle free day.Yawn

I am thinking of taking a break, I just don’t know when and where but I really like to get out of town even for a few days and just relax and do nothing but relax…. Oh so nice to think about it but I need to plan this up perfectly first.

I am not into writing too much tonight, ill just leave everything now….night…..i’ll start dreaming now……..

So far

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Three hours passed my shift already…….what a long day…time ticks slowly…no particulars for today I just want to rest. It will be my rest day this weekend, can’t really plan on anything, lack of budget is the problem, perhaps just be with a friends house watching DVD’s or another drinking session. Many things changed in the last few weeks and I am still adjusting to some of it. Nevertheless time will just continue to pass and it is up to us if we will gather a single moment and make it ours…..What do you think?